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HeyGIA: What is it and what is it for?

HeyGIA is an artificial intelligence-based technology suite that helps companies boost their sales productivity in mass channels. Additionally, it identifies purchase intent and follows up with your leads automatically.

Why was HeyGIA created?

HeyGIA was born to solve a problem faced by many organizations: selling complex products through mass channels is typically slow, costly, and ineffective. Companies can generate large prospect databases (leads) through different channels (digital, mass marketing, own or third-party databases, etc.); however, commercially attacking them often proves expensive and laborious, as it usually requires human profiling, and sales processes can be extensive. Consequently, sales agents end up spending much time discarding low-quality prospects, which diminishes their ability to focus on potential customers with a higher probability of closure.

What can you achieve with HeyGIA?

With HeyGIA, you can increase your sales conversion rate, reduce costs, and boost the productivity of your sales teams. For this, our SaaS mode solution consists of three modules: AI Digital Sales Agent, Sales Copilot, and Reporting & Audit, which will help you boost your sales productivity.


AI Digital Sales Agent

Our digital agent is trained to expertly advise your business prospects automatically and without initial human intervention, using artificial intelligence to provide relevant and high-quality responses. This way, it answers questions, educates potential customers, and advances them in the sales process before being assigned to a sales executive. A great advantage is that it has no limitations in attention capacity and is available 24/7, ensuring that each of your potential customers is treated in the best possible way and at the right time. The AI Digital Sales Agent analyzes the conversation with the lead and, using different technologies, determines when they have a high purchase intent to immediately assign them to a human sales executive who can focus on closing the sale. Thus, it allows sales agents to focus on closing sales rather than on unnecessary follow-up or profiling with business prospects, which can increase their productivity by up to 3x.


Sales Copilot

The Sales Copilot receives all the information and profiling done by the AI Digital Sales Agent and, through a web interface, provides all the information for sales teams to manage the leads. This allows you to optimize the entire sales process to take action at the right time, achieving greater sales results at a lower cost. The tool also automatically offers other products to potential customers (if they were not interested in the initial one), aiming to maximize conversion and monetization.


Reporting & Audit

The final piece of HeyGIA is real-time monitoring, which provides data for companies to analyze and make optimization decisions about their processes.

HeyGIA can be easily connected to any CRM or ERP through an API that allows the platform to integrate seamlessly into the company's current systems.

If you're interested in HeyGIA and believe it can help your company, contact us at


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